Commandments of Jesus Christ

80 Commandments for Covenant Israel


Gift of the Holy Ghost-A Compass to Reach Heaven

Sacrament- In Remembrance of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

Assist the Poor and Needy-An Obligation of Discipleship

Assist the Sick and Afflicted-Priesthood Blessings

Be Chaste, No Adultery, Need to Love Spouse

Be Diligent-Magnify-Valiant-Strong-Courageous-Duty

Be Equal-Through Consecration and Stewardship

Be Faithful-Be True

Be Forgiving of One Another-How to Resolve Offenses

Be Holy-Become Sanctified

Be Honest

Be Humble-Have Humility

Be Justified-Do Things Right and Approved of God

Be Kind-Kindness

Be Meek, Gentle, Mild-Do Not Exalt Oneself

Be Merciful and Have Compassion

Be of Good Cheer-Rejoice-Joy-Give Praise, Glory to God

Be Patient and Longsuffering

Be Peacemakers

Be Sober-No Light-Mindedness or Loud Laughter

Be Steadfast-Immovable-Hold Fast-Stand Firm

Be Temperate and Moderate-Not do things to Excess

Be Thankful in all Things

Be Upright-Have Integrity-Honest Heart

Be Watchful-Alert-Vigilant

Be Wise-Have Wisdom

Blessed are they that Mourn for they shall be Comforted

Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit


Commandments in the Doctrine and Covenants

Do Good-Serve

Endure to the End

Faith and Belief in Jesus Christ

Fear Not-Doubt Not-Be Not Afraid

Gather Together Regionally For Peace, Safety and Strength

Gather as One to the New Jerusalem before the Second Comin

Godliness, Holiness, Reverence, Spirituality, Vows and Devotions

Love thy Neighbour-Brotherly Kindness

Love of God

Marriage for Eternity-Multiply and Replenish

No Blasphemy or Filthy Communication

No Covetousness, Greed, Envy Or Jealousy

No Evil Speaking, Finding Fault, Malice, Revile Not, Do No Harm

No Hardness of Heart, Unbelief, Spiritual Blindness, Rebellion, Stiff-Neckedness, Murmurings

No Killing (Murder) or Anything Like Unto It

No Lying and Deceiving

No Pride, Boasting, Vanity, Seeking Praise

No Stealing, Cheating, Fraud

Obedience to the Commandments and Ordinances of God

Pay your Debts-Return Borrowed Items-Save Money

Pure in Heart

Prayer and Fasting

Purchase the Sacred Land As Soon as Time Permits


Sabbath-A Day of Worship and Rest

Sacrifice in Obedience to God’s Commandments

Search for Knowledge and Understanding of God

Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

Teach Children-Honour Parents

Tithing-A Law of Sacrifice

Unity through the The United Order


Word of Wisdom-Temporal Law

Work and Labour- No Idleness

Keep the Commandments