Second Coming/Destructions

The Coming of Jesus Christ in His Glory-A Scriptural Study

Signs and Events Before the Coming of Jesus Christ

Events at the Actual Coming of the Lord

The Timing of the Second Coming

The Need to Prepare for the Coming of Jesus Christ

Personal Preparation for the Second Coming

The Separation of the Righteous and Wicked

Phrases Associated with the Second Coming

A Day of Recompense, Judgement, Wrath, Anger, Indignation

The Millennium

The Jews Gather back to Israel in Fulfilment of Prophesy

The Return of the Lost Ten Tribe


Prophetic Warnings of the Destructions in the Last Days

Are Members Prepared for the Day of Tribulation and Desolation

The Fullness of Iniquity brings the Judgements of God

The Righteous Indignation of God

What Happened to the German Saints in World War 2

Babylon-The Great and Abominable Church

Warning of Secret Combinations-Works of Darkness and Murder

Warning to the Land of America

Disasters in the World Affect Members of the Church


Examples of Nations in Distress

Articles on Natural Disasters in the USA from 2017

Environmental Disasters, Climate Change and Animal Decline

Articles on Famines in the World From 2017

Violence, Gangs and Murder in the Americas

National Debt Ballooning Out of Control