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Adam-Michael the Archangel


Scriptures and Testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Scriptural Prophecies of Joseph and His Work

Angels Who Visited Joseph Smith

Miracles of Joseph Smith

History and Highlights in the Prophet’s Life

Hyrum Smith-Assistant to the Prophet Joseph

Articles on the Family of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Articles on Associates of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Articles on the Character of Joseph Smith


Prophets Seers and Revelators

Enoch the Prophet-Builder of Zion

Seth-A Righteous Lineage

Noah-Preacher of Righteousness

Melchezidek-A Great High Priest

Abraham-Father of the Faithful

Jacob-Israel The Father of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Joseph Son of Jacob-Father to Ephraim and Manasseh

Moses-God’s Law Giver

Isaiah-Prophet of God

Elijah and Elisha-Prophets of God

John the Baptist-A Forerunner to Christ

Peter given the ‘Keys of the Kingdom’

Nephi the Son of Helaman-Given the Sealing Powers

Nephi the Son of Nephi-Powerful Disciple of Christ

John Taylor-His Ministry and Revelations

Joseph F Smith-A Humble Servant of Jesus Christ