In-Depth Studies


Making our Calling Election Sure-Sealed unto Eternal life

Eternal Life in the Celestial Kingdom-Riches of Eternity

A Scriptural Study of Zion-A Bit of Heaven on Earth

The United Order-A Scriptural Study

Equality Through the Law Consecration

A Scriptural Study of The Final Gathering to the New Jerusalem

Are Members Prepared for the Day of Tribulation and Desolation

The Promised Land of Inheritance-Fulfilling the Covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Atonement of Jesus Christ-Record of the Gospels

Atonement of Jesus Christ-Scriptures and Quotes

Gift of the Holy Ghost-A Compass to Reach Heaven

Priesthood After the Holy Order of God

The Kingdom of God-Priesthood Keys and Quorums

Adam-Michael the Archangel

Scriptures and Testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Plural Marriage-A New and Everlasting Covenant- The Manifesto

The Doctrine and Covenants is the Word of God to this Generation

The Coming of Jesus Christ in His Glory-A Scriptural Study

Events at the Actual Coming of the Lord

Signs and Events Before the Coming of Jesus Christ

The Need to Prepare for the Coming of Jesus Christ

Prophetic Warnings of the Destructions in the Last Days

Pre-Mortal Life

Prayer and Fasting

Maintaining Order in the Church

The Test of Membership in the Church